Is It A Sin To Be Obese

Is It A Sin To Be Obese. Few people questioned the assumption that those behaviors are actually sins. See playlist for more answers:

Is it a Sin to be Overweight? YouTube from

For the lord has a sacrifice in bozrah, a great slaughter in the land of edom. One of the reasons for obesity is gluttony, but that’s not always the case. Skinny people can be gluttons as well as fat people.

“You May Eat To Satisfaction.”—Gen.

I am a pinterest rat….i am on it all the time and i ran across a quote that read, “a healthy body glorifies god” this instantly intrigued me so i clicked on the board, only to find more quotes that resounded the same message. Not all people who are obese are obese because they're gluttons or lazy. As believers we are to take care of our bodies so i strongly recommend eating healthy and exercising regularly because obesity does lead to health risks.

Gluttony Seems To Be A Sin That Christians Like To Ignore.

The bible calls gluttony a sin. The bible said the glutton will not enter the kingdom of heaven. I know it seems minor, but the bible specifically talk about gluttony.

Jesus Answered Them, “Truly, Truly, I Say To You, You Are Seeking Me, Not Because You Saw Signs, But Because You Ate Your Fill Of The Loaves.

Michael pearl answers a question from a viewer: The lord has a sword; We can’t say obesity is a sin, and we must be careful not to judge others on their outward appearance , especially if we don’t know their story.

It Is Sated With Blood;

“your body is a temple, not taking care of it is defaming god’s creation.” If you are obese because you are glutton then yes you are a sinner. But if you are obese due to a medical condition then god forgives you.

There Is No Genetics In Obesity.

It just happens that if mom and fat are fat, the kids have a greater risk of being fat, because they all share a similar contrast to what john smith's post: Is it a sin to be obese?have a question for mike? This is the key as to whether an overweight person is in sin or not (in my opinion).

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