Is Michael Afton Springtrap

Is Michael Afton Springtrap. He is springtrap, you can tell from the ending speech in fnafsl. Hard golden freddy cutscene in sister location revealed that he is not.

Michael Afton/Springtrap Voice Five Nights At Freddy's 3 / Sister from

We identified it from honorable source. Michael is metaphorically speaking to his father, and it ends with springtrap showing up on the screen. Discover short videos related to michael afton meeting springtrap on tiktok.

His Daughter Is Almost Certainly In Baby, His Wife Is Quite Possibly In Ballora, One Of His Sons Died Of Traumatic Brain Injury (One Of Two Infamous “Bites”), And His.

The crying child (five nights at freddy's) ballora (five nights at freddy's) golden freddy (five nights at freddy's) glamrock freddy (five nights at freddy's) springtrap (five nights at freddy's) michael afton is the crying child's older brother. So, some very important details were given to. The souls haunted afton until he was forced to run into the spring bonnie suit (which he had used to lure the kids away to kill them) but since the suit was old and withered the spring locks closed on him and killed him in a gruesome and painful death.

Hard Golden Freddy Cutscene In Sister Location Revealed That He Is Not.

Michael afton is not springtrap. William is not springtrap, that is a common misconception. Answered 4 years ago · author has 393 answers and 1.1m answer views.

Throughout The Nights, He Accomplishes The Tasks The Job Requires Him To, Though Eventually It Is Revealed His Father Sent Him To The Facility To Find His Sister.

This is the only cutscene that the player has no control in that isn't 8 bit. William afton michael afton springtrap (fazbear frights) 1. The horror attraction, and michael.

Sister Location Custom Night, As Well As Pizzeria Simulator And Ultimate Custom Night.he Is Seen In The 10/20 Mode Cutscene And In Circus Baby's Second Teaser.

Michael is burning in a lake during ucn. Springtrap is william afton, an assassin and killer and the only true culprit in the murder of the children in 1987 who later possess the animatronics. Discover short videos related to michael afton meeting springtrap on tiktok.

Its Submitted By Dealing Out In The Best Field.

Scott confirmed springtrap to be william months ago. Michael seems to be on a mission to free the kids souls from the animatronics. I'm pretty sure michael could be springtrap if an absurd set of incredibly bizarre circumstanecs, coincidences, and assumptions were all perfectly met, but considering even one of them not working means william is springtrap i'm gonna have to go with that lmao.

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