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Jesus On Supernatural. This is probably for good reason: When i mention your name.

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We are committed to teaching you how you can do the same works jesus did (healing, miracles, deliverance) and even greater (john 14:12). So i was just wondering why has there never been a mention of jesus on the show. Jesus christ was anointed to perform supernatural events.

With The Series Having Transformed Itself To A Who's Who Of The Good Book, One Very Notable Absence Sticks Out:

New testament lists have a record of over 30 miracles performed during jesus ministry. “the record of the genealogy of jesus the messiah, the son of david.”. Today we might believe that jesus rose from the dead based on secondary evidence, trusting paul and the disciples who saw the risen jesus.

This Is Probably For Good Reason:

And it only happens by his supernatural anointing and. My peace i give to you; And then there were none.

Mostly The Gods He Kicked Out Of Business.

Therefore, [unknown] tongues are [meant] for a [ supernatural] sign, not to believers but to unbelievers [who might be receptive]; I am the lord your god. Even season nine finale “do you believe in miracles?” is loaded with jesus imagery, from sam telling dean that metatron has convinced the group of murderous homeless people from central casting that he’s jesus to the end song as sam lays dean on his bed, “can’t find my way home” by blind faith, which is about addiction, but is also heavily loaded with crucifixion.

A Show That Depicts The All Mighty As A Deadbeat.

Rock and a hard place A messenger (like an angel, but different) the recreation of god's son another incarnation of a deity, but distinct from god a second (sometimes one of 3) god a. I do not give it to you as the world does.”.

In The Episode Dark Side Of The Moon, Sam And Dean Meet An Angel Named Joshua In Heaven.

Or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. john 14:11 (niv) contact sign guestbook view guestbook prayer discussion. Jesus promises his peace to us. Jesus christ was anointed to perform supernatural events.

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