Kakashi Love

Kakashi Love. Kakashi pulled his mask down and took a hold of narutos chin, pulling him into a kiss. Kakashi noting that the three new shinobi, naruto, sasuke, and sakura, could drive him insane is directly antagonistic to his position of authority.

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Kakashi pulled his mask down and took a hold of narutos chin, pulling him into a kiss. However, i don't know if he's into fat girls. Kakashi and hanare were not childhood buddies.

Me:he Has Spent Over 2 Hours Thinking For.

March 19, 2019 · 801 takers report. It’s the quandary of having two very separate yet simultaneous emotions. Hanare is a ninja that kakashi met while small.

Kakashi Unexpectedly Finds Himself At Naruto's Place.

I'd have put him with anko. ^///^go kakashi go go go!!thank you for 500'000 views! On the one hand, he is bound by his sense of duty to.

She Was From The Land Of Keys.

Lost in the whirlwind (naruto fanf. Ayame is in sync with her feelings. The original plan of tsunade's to turn kakashi back.

Kakashi Loves Rin The Same Way Sasuke Loves Sakura, But Being A Ninja Comes Before Having A Relationship.

The number one part of being a person of authority is to have the most rational judgment. Me:we have reached the end of this short quiz!kakashi will be now giving you his final question,which will determine whether or not he will love you! After eleven perfect years of life serving as an anbu, the hokage dismisses her and hatake kakashi.

However, I Don't Know If He's Into Fat Girls.

Kurenai +8 more # 2. This is slightly popular than the third one, which we won’t talk about yet. This is the most popular kakashi love interest in the entire naruto series.

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