My Mind Is My Prison

My Mind Is My Prison. I saw the world in you, now there's no light at the end of my tunnel. As the title suggests, this song is based on the idea of the singer asserting that his “mind is a prison”.

"My mind is a prison on lock down and we are its two most dangerous from

I'm just going where the wind blows, i don't get to decide. When you look at people, they are there, but they are not really there. Got two windows and those windows, well i'll call them my eyes.

There's Freedom In Purging Your Life Of All That You Own.

It's really hard for me to make this post, it just feels weird to expose myself like this. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. It’s a battlefield of competing thoughts.

My Mental Prison Is A Foggy And Grey Place.

Every person, including you, ultimately defines the lives they live, by the decisions they make. I'm just a tenant, paying rent inside this body and i. Everyone is stuck in traffic.

We All Have Our Minds, And It Seems Impossible To Get Out When Stuck In One's Mind.

In their grievances, their dreams, their hopes, their fears and anxieties. 10 more hours go by, and you’ll realize that you’ve turned the music off because you don’t need it to actually be playing to hear every note in your head. I don't live in california, i'll inform you, that's not where i reside.

They Are Locked Away In Their Perspective And Their Attitudes And Beliefs;

It's terrible boring but i need the money. But i feel like i need some urgent help, maybe you can help me. My mind is a prison, infiltrated by hope seeking refuge from.

I Saw The World In You, Now There's No Light At The End Of My Tunnel.

I was looking forward to it more in my mind. It's all so monotonous to me. I saw the world in you but now it's gone and it stripped me of all my colors.

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