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Natsu Fire. 400 years ago, natsu dragneel was born as the younger brother of zeref, however, he died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a dragon attack. He’s never caught without it, which becomes touching when we learn that his scarf is actually made from the scales of his foster parent, the fire dragon igneel.

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Fire dragon's sword horn!'' he yelled. Natsu dragneel is the main protagonist of the fairy tail (フェアリーテイル fearī teiru) series and is the 1st character of the fairy tail roster. Natsu’s most iconic piece of clothing is probably his scarf, which he wears regardless of the weather or situation.

Natsu Dragneel Is The Main Protagonist Of The Fairy Tail Series.

After being forcibly bitten by a bug, he adapted to the flames and became a third generation. However, there are two that significantly boost his power. He is the younger brother of zeref dragneel, who had died originally 400 years ago, having been revived as etherious and become the former tartarus leader as end (etherious natsu dragneel).

Natsu Dragneel Is A First Generation Fire Dragon Slayer And Member Of The Fairy Tail.

Natsu fired up before the great fight with zeref. Nataku son (ナタク孫, nataku son), also called takkun or tatsu by friends, is a child residing in tokyo. The three man easily dodged the young dragon slayer as natsu changed his trajectory and released a large torrent of orange flames from his mouth.

He Is The Foster Son Of Igneel And The Younger Brother Of Zeref Dragneel (The Latter Who Revived Him Through The Use Of Black Arts).

The fire dragon king mode provides him extremely destructive abilities by coating him in incredible flames. Natsu dragneel and his parents were killed by dragons. Natsu is a member of the fairy tail guild and one of its most prominent members.

''Fire Dragon's Roar!'' One Of Them Simply Raised His Hand And A Shield Of Pure Magic Appeared Around Them And Ricocheted The Torrent Of Flames Into Two Streams.

Natsu is also fiercely loyal to his friends and guild, and has a habit of charging into battle without thinking things through. .*i don't own this content* He appeared in the 76th episode of death battle, natsu vs ace, where he fought against portgas d.

Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!'' He Yelled.

Haijima industries then took him in, with scientists performing experiments on him, which eventually leads to his awakening of the adolla burst, and becoming the sixth pillar. Top 10 most brutal fights in fairy tail He is a demon his race and or species is that of etherious.

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