Neji Vs Itachi

Neji Vs Itachi. Choji isn't a complete idiot, he knows that it's suicide to approach neji in taijutsu even with partial expansion. And no motivation to finish it?

Itachi x Neji from

Itachi uchiha's mangekyo sharingan, as seen in the naruto shippuden anime (image via studio pierrot) called one of the most powerful genjutsu users in naruto history, itachi. Itachi should wear neji down and kill him with moderate trouble. It's just itachi beating the crap out of neji.

Neji Is A Melee Powerhouse, Perhaps The Best Among All The Hyuga We Get To See In The Series.

Neji said a 30% clone of kisame has almost the same chakra as naruto, therefore the original kisame should have about 3 1/4 times more chakra than naruto, which should be on par with the juubi, therefore kisame can't be sealed. This is just one of the various matches i did immediately after the shino time paradox fights. A 100% healthy itachi can only use:

The Moment Choji Expands, Is The Moment.

Itachi does fireball jutsu, he air palms it and rotates whats left if it still hasn't cut a hole big enough. Itachi would probably be more openly kind and affectionate, but neji would be more protective and help you train. 13 year old itachi (ms restriction) 179 votes in poll.

And No Motivation To Finish It?

To be blunt, neji has ten seconds to put down choji otherwise he loses. Of course neji does not know about the genjutsus; (edited by sy6up) itachi uchiha neji hyūga.

One On One, In Pure Taijutsu, Neji's Stronger Style Would Eventually Trump, But With One Or Two Karasu Bunshin, Weaponry, And His Ninjutsu:

I didn't try to make them flashy or anything. Neji doesn't fight back, and when he tries to, he falls into the most obvious traps itachi could possibly use. Sy6up · 10/26/2020 in versus debates.

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About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. Choji isn't a complete idiot, he knows that it's suicide to approach neji in taijutsu even with partial expansion. The databook list neji and itachi as equally proficient in taijutsu, just short of mastery, but itachi is faster and more reflexive.

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