Neosporin For Piercings

Neosporin For Piercings. Ointments such as bacitracin, neosporin, triple antibiotic ointment or any other petroleum based products. Its primary ingredient, bacitracin, is an antibiotic which helps prevent infection and scarring.

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Is it okay to apply it to new piercings to avoid infections? Besides, before any type of piercing, your skin will be cleaned beforehand which will clean off anything you put on it. I would recommend you don't use neosporin, polysporin or anything like that on a ear piercing.

It Prevents The Healing Tissue From Breathing,.

If the piercing is infected washing with diluted antibacterial soap and irrigating with water twice a day will make a big difference in about 24 to 48 hours. Neosporin isn’t the best choice for new tattoos. It's an antibacterial agent, so it will do nothing to numb the area.

The Reason Is That It's A Petroleum Product & This Is Very Oily & Greasy.

Neosporin on belly button piercing. Neosporin is an antibiotic product that is used to prevent infections and speed up the healing of wounds. Furthermore, the label specifies “not for use on puncture wounds.”

Saline Rinse Or A Sea Salt Soak.

While it can be good for small cuts or scratches, neosporin and similar antibiotic ointments are inappropriate for healing piercings. Then prepare a saltwater solution of 1 cup (0.24 liters) water with about 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Petroleum jelly is thick and viscous and tends to trap bacteria in the puncture wound of a piercing.

There However Are Varying Sentiments On Whether Neosporin On Belly Button Piercing Is Appropriate Or Not.

Neosporin (also known as neosporin ointment) isn’t so great for healing piercings, particularly in new piercings. Ointments such as bacitracin, neosporin, triple antibiotic ointment or any other petroleum based products. Unless you have an actual infection.

Is It Okay To Apply It To New Piercings To Avoid Infections?

While you are healing a new skin wound, neosporin is designed for minor cuts, burns, and scrapes only — not tattoos.triple antibiotic ointments. I believe there is a neosporin that contains topical lidocaine, but the numbing action of that will only barely numb your skin. First wash your hands with soap and water.

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