No Sir Re Bob

No Sir Re Bob. Listen to no siree bob on spotify. The exact origin is unclear.

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Yes siree ( , bob) ! Siree seems to clearly be a lengthened form of sir. With john lancaster, william hutchison, martha mattox, lee morris.

Not An Ounce Of Sarcasm In This Paragraph, No Siree Bob.

Siree seems to clearly be a lengthened form of sir. Origin of yes siree bob. I heard it spoken by elder persons when i was a child.

Do You Want To Sell This Old Rocking Chair?

The boys are still in jail and the shitshow continues. You thought the jail series was over did ya? No siree ( , bob)!

It May Simply Add The Implication Of Added Excitement To Yes, Siree.

It applies to things other than hair, of course (i refer you to fitzgerald’s bernice bobs her hair.) a bobtail cat is so called because he has a mere stump of a tail. Nosirs is a portmanteau of the words no and sirs, or a play on the phrase no sir, a respectful denial. This emphatic us negative, recorded in thornton [r.

1.2 Secs No Siree, Bart!

Madagascar (2005) clip with quote no siree. Find the exact moment in a tv show, movie, or music video you want to share. To bob a tail is to cut most of it off.

It Can Be Also Be A Portmanteau Of The Words Nose And Sirs, Due To Their Large Noses.

I mean, would you betray your coworkers for a bit of extra money? b: “yessiree, bob!” is a colloquialism that came into use in the united states in the 1900’s. Whatever, where ever, who ever.

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