Non Urgent Doctor Appointment After Blood Test

Non Urgent Doctor Appointment After Blood Test. This result by definition can wait until the next appointment. Plus we can see results within a day or so on website.

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To check for a recurrence of a treated condition. You can do this by calling us on 03 9525 1300, or by making an appointment online. Most blood tests only take a few minutes to complete and are carried out at your gp surgery or local hospital by a doctor, nurse or phlebotomist (a specialist in.

Your Cholesterol Or Blood Sugar Levels Could Be Higher Than Normal But At The Level At Which They'll Want You To Manage By Diet, So It Will Be A Lecture / Advice On That.

Assess your general state of health. I got blood test results back, i'm low in haemoglobin and white blood cells. Google doesn't seem to be helping, because it suggests things that i figure my doctor might be concerned about, but the receptionist seemed to think there was nothing to.

A Follow Up Appointment After Lab Tests Is Usually Done To Speak With The Patient In Person And Address The Results.

Even if all of the testing is completely normal, your doctor may want to send further tests or to discuss testing down the line that is indicated for normal health maintenance. I had blood tests done 4 months ago because i had been so tired, achy, out of sorts and was sick of being told 'its a virus' etc. This result by definition can wait until the next appointment.

Our Receptionist Will Advise You That The Doctor Would Like To Discuss Your Result And Will Arrange For The Doctor To Call You Usually Within 48 Hours.

They have said to make a 'routine' appointment, not an urgent one. Healthcare providers order lab tests for four main reasons: Lateguitarist in reply to r1100s1.

If There Is A Serious Or Urgent Concern With Your Results A Doctor Will Contact You As Soon As They Get Them.

When you go for the first appointment, you'll be assessed and a series of tests decided. The receptionist you speak to when you call in for your results will inform you of this and book. Because i feel like i should.

The Reception Can't Tell You Your Results Regardless Of Whether They Are Good Or Bad, They Need To Be Discussed With You By A Doctor/Midwife Etc.

I had my antenatal blood tests done at about 8 weeks and it took nearly 4 weeks to hear back from the doctor (i am nearly 12 weeks now) although it wasn’t a phone call it was a health message from my medical account saying to make a non urgent appointment about my results, it says it is important but not urgent. I personally have been sent on three of them. Our receptionist will advise you that the doctor would like to discuss your result and will arrange for the doctor to call you usually within 48 hours.

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