Photocopy Vs Copy

Photocopy Vs Copy. 48 hour might charge.25 cents vs you.09 cents, but if you were going to print 5000 those 5000 is including the cost of the glossy paper and, more importantly, the time. A copy of usually printed material made using a process in which an image is formed by the action of light on an electrically charged surface.

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‘please bring me the copies of those reports.’; When used as verbs, photocopy means to make a copy using a photocopier, whereas xerox means to make a paper copy or copies by means of a photocopier. Scanning will create a digital copy.

48 Hour Might Charge.25 Cents Vs You.09 Cents, But If You Were Going To Print 5000 Those 5000 Is Including The Cost Of The Glossy Paper And, More Importantly, The Time.

New generation gadgets, however, combine these two features. Somebody mentioned making color copies for.09 cents each, well that is better than the.75 cents each that office max charges, but you have to compare apples to apples there. Photocopy noun a copy made using a photocopier.copy noun the result of copying;

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To make a copy or copies of; That's it, i swear ! A copy can mean this if context strongly suggests, but can mean different things.

A Copy Made Using A Photocopier.

When used as nouns, photocopy means a copy made using a photocopier, whereas xerox means a photocopy. Copying documents is a simpler process than scanning. When you get to the interview, ask for the marriage cert to be returned to you.

As Verbs The Difference Between Photocopy And Copy Is That Photocopy Is To Make A Copy Using A Photocopier While Copy Is To Produce An Object Identical To A Given Object.

For example, you can copying files on your computer's desktop, but those aren't photocopies (even if you print them). The difference between copy and photocopy. If you’re only in need of a scanner and not a mfp or printer, they can be a bit smaller than the office copier (depending on the device) too.

However, A Copy Can Also Mean The Same Thing If Strongly Suggested By The Context.

Photocopy is a noun which is often translated as la fotocopia, and copy is a noun which is often translated as la copia. As, to copy a manuscript, inscription, design, painting, etc.; (entry 1 of 2) :

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