Pitbulls Are Ugly

Pitbulls Are Ugly. To the people who say pitbulls are vicious, take a look at my bruce! They are by far the most mistreated and abused breed of dog in the country, and im sure there are lots more defensive/insecure pitbulls out there than the average breed, but that is not because of the dog, but how its been treated.

They Called This Abused Pit Bull 'Ugly'—Until Her Savior Saw Beauty from

You can’t be 2 things at once, and aggressive fighting dog, and cute dog. Pit bull dogs are not born ready to rip into another dog, animal, or human being. He asked why so many humans are ugly and stupid.

Pit Bull Dogs Are Not Born Ready To Rip Into Another Dog, Animal, Or Human Being.

While more pit bulls bit someone, they weren’t more likely to bite someone. I hope that you may have heard of pitbull having locking jaws but let me tell you, it is not true it’s a misconception only. God they're just so fucking ugly.

Watson And Lucy's Mom Wrote We've Grown Quite Weary Of Being.

The supposed purpose is to use them to protect homes, businesses, and the like. Let’s use an oversimplification to explain: In that same town, all 10 pugs and 20 pit bulls bite someone.

That Means That They're Aggressive And Bad.

Pitbulls aren't cute and never will be cute. They're too muscular, have weird skin and some of the dogs in this breed have so messed. Pit bulls react to their world based on their breeding and training.

Some Of The Pitty Parents Included Messages With Their Photos.

I have a pit bull of my own that counteracts these. But i am of the mind it is how a dog is raised is how it will react to people and babies. While some of them can be tough animals, many of them are super sweet, caring, and compassionate dogs.

This Breed In Particular Matters To Me Because I Have Seen Ugly, Stereotypical “Dangerous” Pit Bulls In The Media, But I Know They Are Not True.

Bring in your police force, tell me im a monster and that it all depends on the owner. It totally doesn't mean that they have bulldog origins or anything. Pitbulls are born to fight.

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