Plural Of Strife

Plural Of Strife. A quarrel, struggle, or clash: Some common synonyms of strife are conflict, dispute, controversy or disagreement.

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A quarrel, struggle, or clash: An act of contention : A direct assault by troops on a fortified place.

A Quarrel, Struggle, Or Clash:

Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino, que lleva los artículos el o un en singular, y los o unos en plural. A mental or emotional conflict or struggle. [formal] money is a major cause of strife in many marriages.

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Because of this, the term is not commonly used today and an alternate term, like “gentlemen”, will be used in place. Loss of reputation or respect as the result of a dishonorable action. That of the sociology of.

Origin Of Strife Middle English Strif From Old French Estrit, Estrif From Frankish Strīd.

The boardroom strife at the company is far from over. Bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension political strife. [uncountable] (formal or literary) anger or violence between two people or groups of people who disagree synonym conflict.

However, The Term “Sirs” Is Considered Quite Outdated Or Archaic.

A quarrel, struggle, or clash: Energy or effort expended towards an endeavor. The strife of the marketplace.

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His mind seemed older than theirs: (conflict, struggle) conflicto nm nombre masculino: The country was torn apart by strife.

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