A project quantity surveyor handles the entire project from beginning to end. This would include: preparing estimates, doing cost analysis, developing budgets and creating final reports and accounts, and managing subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. It is up to him or her to manage the project from the beginning to the end in order to determine the actual costs involved. A Quantity Surveyor will also be responsible for: tracking project progress and cost every step of the way; reporting progress at each stage; and offering advice and recommendations to management on how to best handle and deliver the project.

How to Do Project Quantity Surveyor

project quantity surveyor

Project management is an ongoing process that must be handled carefully. A project quantity surveyor would be responsible for the large task of managing it all by oneself. But sometimes, it is best for a project manager or supervisor to outsource the project’s tasks to a project quantity surveyor or a project consultant. Outsourcing is beneficial to companies that don’t have the time, expertise, or specialized skills needed in every specific task involved in their project. Outsourcing is also a great way to save money since they won’t have to pay their own project managers and other staff members just to do all the necessary tasks.

In addition to being the main provider of labor and materials, project quantity surveyors are also responsible for many other tasks. They can act as legal experts when it comes to bidding and negotiating contracts; prepare estimates and bids; oversee and assign employees; maintain accurate accounting and bookkeeping; and manage project schedules and budgets. They are in high demand in today’s construction projects and are very experienced and knowledgeable in all of these various areas. If you need to hire a construction project manager or a construction project planner, then a qualified project quantity surveyor is the person you need to get hold of.