Rill Vs Charmy

Rill Vs Charmy. Rill is smart he will use different ways to deal with charmy. After the clover and heart kingdoms form an alliance against the spade kingdom , rill travels to the heart kingdom to train under the spirit guardian potrof.

Rill and Charmy custom "Luv vs. the World" cover BlackClover from

He could do a lot of think and copie rill magic. Uh, on the other side of the heart kingdom, charmy has taken an immense liking to the fruits and food of. Charmy is able to command the cotton ram to attack a target.

Rill Boismortier 「リル・ボワモルティエ Riru Bowamorutie」 Adalah Kapten Ksatria Sihir Kerajaan Semanggi Dari Pasukan Rusa Biru Langit Dan Seorang Anggota Pasukan Ksatria.

But raia doesn't have the creativity nor the craziness to put rill's power to full use. As for asta,it really depends what kind of a hybrid he is/would be. It also has to be considered what the demon said about him in the recent.

Rill Is Smart He Will Use Different Ways To Deal With Charmy.

Rill is definitely stronger than charmy even if charmy has. The ram is of considerable size with a pair of horns and limbs without hoofs. Due to its size, a single strike from it could send.

Uh, On The Other Side Of The Heart Kingdom, Charmy Has Taken An Immense Liking To The Fruits And Food Of.

So he could do think + do same as rill. Think it's the other way. If rill knows how to counter her meal magic by not spamming ranged attacks and simply boosting himself or getting around the wolf with some maneuvering spells.

Rill If Was His Own Self He Wouldn't Have Been Defeated As Easily As He Was.

During the attack on the eye of the midnight sun, charmy managed to defeat rill in elf form, but asta is a whole different beast than the magic knight captain enhanced by elven. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. Small city level (took hits.

Rill Boismortier「リル・ボワモルティエ Riru Bowamorutie」Is The Captain Of Clover Kingdom's Azure Deer Squad Of The Magic Knights And A Member Of The Royal Knights Squad.

Spams attacks her cotton magic cant keep up with. She tends to prioritize her own craving rather than the bigger problem. He's probably stronger than current rill, as the light triad are supposed to surpass most of the captains this.

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