Sasuke Crazy

Sasuke Crazy. 10 he doesn't like sweet foods. That's tobirama's explanation in a nutshell.

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But sasuke didn't lose a loved one in between him trying to capture killer bee and. Share share tweet share email. No really, he did less worse stuff then gaara who murdered way more innocent people then sasuke did.

However, Between His Choices And Motivations, Fans Have Never Really Agreed On How They Feel About Him.

31 crazy things about sasuke's body. Read at your own risk. Aquí dejando la famosa risa loca de sasuke (lol)espero que os guste xd ^^nada de este vídeo es mío:copyright to tv tokyo and mashashi kishimoto ^^

Drew Drechsel's Crazy Cliffhanger Disqualification Is A Controversial Ruling That Occurred During Sasuke 31'S Third Stage Where Drew Drechsel Was Disqualified By The Production Crew For Improper Technique On The Crazy Cliffhanger.this Is One Of The Rare Happenings In Sasuke Where A Competitor Was Granted Another Shot On An Obstacle Or A Stage Due To Miscommunication Or.

Sasuke has a lot of hidden techniques that most naruto fans don't realize exist. 10 he doesn't like sweet foods. That was enough to drive any normal person over the edge, but being an uchiha made it worse because it meant he was genetically predisposed to mental illness.

Sasuke Uchiha Has Always Been A Strange Figure In Shonen Anime.

That's tobirama's explanation in a nutshell. Naruto introduced fans to the world of shinobi and the complex missions that they face. One of sasuke's favorite foods is onigiri, or rice balls;

30 Crazy Techniques Sasuke Has That Are Kept Hidden.

Naruto | anime/manga fanfiction romance friendship love crazy average manga sasuke jealousy conflict. Madara uchiha (tobi) tells sasuke. Sasuke mainly killed samurai and that was in a full on battle and they were in his way, it was bad, but compared to a lot of other villains.certainly not the worst.

Sasuke Masters A Multitude Of Jutsus And Techniques.

Sai has a mysterious background. He is a powerful shinobi, but not all of his abilities are worth mentioning. By that point, sasuke’s mind had been manipulated so much that the balance of it had been upset greatly.

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