Scars On The Back Are A Swordsman's Shame

Scars On The Back Are A Swordsman's Shame. “we are in this together. Then he pulled himself up until he was face to face with the swordsman, and captured his lips, soft and sweet, before lying down next to him.

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Zoro is also regarded as one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the worst generation. In macbeth when siward was told of his son's death, he asked if his son's wounds were in the front, and was satisfied (and saddened of course) that it was, implying that his son died fighting instead of fleeing. The boy above him winced at each grunt, muttering apologies under his breath.

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The implication is if in a sword fight you got cut on your back it meant you were turning to flee from your opponent. Scars on the back are a swordsman's shame. White threads pulled grotesquely away from oozing flesh, making the injured man clamp his teeth down on the handle of his sword.

According To Him, If A Swordsman Is Attacked From The Back, It Is A Shame For Him.

When i was younger, it seemed to me that zoro turned to face mihawk for his own benefit, to not be cut that way, though i never understood why the scar on back would be that big deal. If you're zoro's fan, you shouldn't miss this! You may also like out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;

Zoro Is Also Regarded As One Of Twelve Pirates Who Are Referred To As The Worst Generation.

“we are in this together. Roronoa zoro, also known as pirate hunter zoro , is a pirate and a former bounty hunter. Mihawk was suprised by that action until zoro explained that “ a wound on one’s back is the shame of a swordsman ”:

In Macbeth When Siward Was Told Of His Son's Death, He Asked If His Son's Wounds Were In The Front, And Was Satisfied (And Saddened Of Course) That It Was, Implying That His Son Died Fighting Instead Of Fleeing.

I have 2 scars on my back and they have nothing to do with swords they have things to do with stupidity and carelessness. 3 scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame. the first mate of the straw hats takes his goal as being a swordsman very seriously. Until you are the best swordsman alive and i am king of the pirates.”.

That Was A Shakespearean Trope.

Scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame. Scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame. He currently has a bounty of 320,000,000, which is the 4th highest in the crew, after luffy, jinbe, and sanji.

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