Smoke Coming Out Of Air Conditioner Vents In Car

Smoke Coming Out Of Air Conditioner Vents In Car. U can also smell exhaust smoke in traffic. Faulty compressor clutches could be the result of an overcharged system.

Smoke Coming Out Of Air Vents In Car from

(the one that has about ten screws holding it into the top of the heater box on the engine side.) possible that when the heater control valve was replaced. #15 · aug 2, 2004. Why is smoke coming out of my air conditioner?

The Smoke Is Entering Through Your Ventilation System Intake, Where The Two Cabin Filters Are Located.

What is wrong when smoke comes in through the ventilation system in your car? Your blower is moving air through the air conditioner evaporator coils at a low speed. Are you sure it's smoke?

What Should Be Done To Correct This Prob.

This cooling causes condensation on the evaporator. When pressures in the a/c system arent proper, or the refrigerent is low, you get an evaporator that acts like a freezer. The moisture has condensed out of the pushed air and then the air has been further chilled.

If It Was The Case Where The Compressor Should Not Come On, Reasons Might Include:

#3 · sep 12, 2005. As usual the smoke started about 5 minutes after the truck was started. Some vehicles produce visible condensation from the vents when the weather is humid.

Hang A Deodorizer From The Rear View Mirror To Help Keep Smells From Lingering In The Car.

Up to $8 cash back the issue could be the heater core hoses or heater control valve is leaking coolant and the ventilation system on your air conditioning system to the open air outside is pulling in the coolant smell. Both of my cars do the 'smoke' thing with the ac on. If it doesn't smell funny, it is just condensation like said before.

Thats The Smoke You See.

This is the second time this has happened. This would not necessarily indicate a problem with. The first thing you'll need to do is identify the type of smoke, and the best way to do that is by.

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