Snape Oc Romance Fanfiction

Snape Oc Romance Fanfiction. Clementine tries to get rid of the feeling of loneliness with being at hogwarts. Always in your shadow by arinus.

Shipping Snape/Hermione from

I am not sure if i'm qualified to write one. Some stories are dark, others are humorous or full of love. Ten years after the defeat of voldemort, hermione granger is a charms professor at hogwarts.

1K+ Beloved On This Earth » By Chary Snape Ofc Romance.

At the early age of 11. Severus snape, stuck in an endless cycle of grief and hatred, was prepared to lose everything at any instant — his life bound to only one purpose: She finds herself a new position at hogwarts as professor sprouts new assistant.

His Chest Pressed On Mine, Breathing Heavily.

They will be well written, maintain severus' character and contain the excellence that a severus fic deserves. After lily's and james's death, harry was sent to li. Mail me, if you want to contribute your favorite severus snape stories.

I Can't Draco, I Panic.

There is a completed sequel to this fic and 3/4 through the last story as of april 18. The surname snape comes with complications and wonders. Forced to lie day after day to protect those she cared for, and even forced.

One Which Snape Just Can't Leave Alone.

Vex, the leader of the dark fae, was forced to become mortal, doomed to die in less than two decades unless accepted by her reason. 780 tuesdays with severus » by suite sambo back at hogwarts for his 8th year, harry deals with mystery correspondents and unusual magical ability. Clementine tries to get rid of the feeling of loneliness with being at hogwarts.

Occasionally A Story With A Canon Character I.e.

Even though he loves to be in denial of this simple fact. What happens when she is forced to work with snape? After the dark lord's fall in 1981, more than one child was lost in the spoils of war.

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