Somewhere Along The Way I Lost Myself

Somewhere Along The Way I Lost Myself. Somewhere along the way, i lost myself and my magic that meant so much to me. I was 114lbs, a bombshell, i always got free stuff at restaurants kinda hot.

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And now i'm not sure if i'll get it back. A young teenager yearning for the love and affection of that one special guy that would make it all better, make me feel all better: But none of that mattered until the last 2 years of my life.

Loved And Safe With An Amazing Happily Ever.

I really couldn’t tell you how or when, only that the little sparkle in my eye that inspired me just started to. Music is a moral law. Start date sep 24, 2010;

I Thought For Myself, Had My Own Friends, Did My Own Thing, And When I Wasn't Doing Any Of That I Would Spend Time With My Boyfriend.

And i lost myself along the way. I believe that deep, deep down. I serve and i will give of myself unto death so that there will be no distance between speaking and doing, so that the people will never again say, 'there is a chasm between us and the leaders' and word spread that the church is far from her people.

Surely Once In A Life God Will Grant The Earnest Entreaty Of A Loving Heart.

But i know that i say, at best, 25% of what i’m thinking or feeling these days. Packing on the pounds leads to an internal battle against ourselves, a battle where somewhere along the way, we lose who we are and we take on the mentality that we are no longer a person worthy of another’s time and affection, we are just. Sep 24, 2010 #1 not many of you read my post before, but i lost from 240 to around 188 these days, damn close to a six pack actually.

And Yet, Somewhere Along The Way, I Have Recoiled Back Into My Shell.

And i love him to death, but i can't live my life for someone else. Somewhere along the way i've lost myself again. Somewhere along the way i lost the man i used to be a man who smiled, enjoyed life, loved you with all of me you'd never once considered how i felt so go ahead and live my life yourself.

A Lost Little Child Doing And Being Whatever I Thought My Parents Wanted Me To Be So That My Dad Would Stop Drinking And My Mom Would Stop Crying.

It hit me like train man. What kind of twisted person thinks that she is worthless and stupid all the time? I'm a mess and i'm just going to keep listening to.

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