Spring Trap And Delilah

Spring Trap And Delilah. Nick cares a lot about deliah, being very protective of her and caring about her. This is the first story i have ever made ok, but i do not own these pictures ok so don't blame me.

Springtrap and Deliah (fanart) by FarbeMusik on DeviantArt from

You needed the money so this is the only job you were able to go to. Last chance ( springtrap and delia. Springtrap stayed with harry for a while but left.

Our Little Horror Story [Springtrap X Reader] 14 Parts Ongoing Mature.

He even remarks that he feels split about keeping springtrap. Springtrap is very loving to (and relatively overprotective of) deliah, making her cookies and pancakes when she's feeling down and generally trying to be like a good parental figure. They become good friends, but springtrap is still dealing with his past of crimes, and he's haunted by the spirits of the children he killed.

First Published May 25, 2018.

Springtrap and deliah is a five nights at freddy's comic made by grawolfquinn on deviantart. He now stays at freddy's, scaring of. Nick cares a lot about deliah, being very protective of her and caring about her.

You Needed The Money So This Is The Only Job You Were Able To Go To.

Roger is known to be the killer of the. After the truth comes out nick refuses to let deliah go anywhere near springtrap. Called out a white filly with pale green eyes called out into a seemingly empty cottage.

Harry Is Excessively Chill, As In He Isn't Very Easily Bothered;

The joy of creation :star2: Personality video games fnaf springtrap and deliah cute deltrap. Harrison hurst, or harry for short, is a major protagonist in springtrap and deliah.

Nick Shows He Feels Sorry For Deliah, As She's Missing A Parental Figure;

But i thank you for choosing to read this story, i appreciate it very much thank you. The lords of the philistines bribed her to discover the. He has long black hair, and bright blue eyes.pale white skin and his his overall figure is skinny, and tall.

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