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Tf2 Backstab. Jumpstab ( leapstab or dropstab ): Addition added limited warpaint support.

Backstab [TF2] YouTube
Backstab [TF2] YouTube from

Where you can get the backstab animation, get the crit sound, but still not kill him i hate it more when your spy holds the knife like he can get a backstab on them from behind, but all he ends up doing is a regular melee stab. In the article it says that a backstab does 600% of the victim's health. Then again, it will looks odd with decorated skins anyway.

This Is Generally Done As A Surprise Attack On High Value Targets.

The spy jumps from a high, generally unseen, height and stabs the enemy. You may have some problems with it if you have a low framerate. The old mod had a problem with a sound being played when taking out the spycicle.

This Is Because It Says It Does 600% And Always Crits, Which Can Be Interpreted As It Does 600% Plus The Crit Bonus For 1800%.

Feel free to edit the script a little. When a spy uses any one of his knives to hit an enemy from behind, a successful backstab is performed resulting in an instant kill in almost all cases. Team fortress 2 < >

In The Article It Says That A Backstab Does 600% Of The Victim's Health.

Without them, we wouldn't exist. This mod in this current state, does not support decorated skins. More frag vids on the way sooon!also i got a new pc!

This Is Also One Of The Things Lucky Spies Get Sometimes And Make People Rage.

Just post in the original topic if you want one: This wouldn't be possible without him. This mod makes the knife dyed in victims' blood upon backstabbing, that's pretty much it.

This Script Eliminates The Slow Backstab Animation And Uses The Normal Stab Animation To Perform Backstab By Looking Away From The Enemy, Initiating The Stab Animation And Looking Back, Landing.

(sorry about the mic and voice levels. Spies can perform this action to take out key targets, such as heavies and medics, and snipers. Feb 14, 2020 61 3,773 visit site.

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