Thinking About Us What We Gonna Be

Thinking About Us What We Gonna Be. No one knows i realize it was. Are you standing right here baby (right here baby) tell me what we gonna do about us.

Lessons Learned in LifeDon't take the easy way out. Lessons Learned from

Me and my baby, we up in the club. Thinking about him, thinking about me. Found smokes in the pocket, the surprise made me smile.

All This Time.youve Been Standin In Front Of My Face.

You tell me right now. He didn’t even bother to give me that friendly look he used to when i thought we were fine already. Ain't nobody else, you know it's all.

Are You Standing Right Here Baby (Right Here Baby) Tell Me What We Gonna Do About Us.

After that, one week from now, he became. Thinking 'bout us, thinking 'bout love pour it up for the pain thinking 'bout what we've become know you feel the same i'm in pain, i feel. (what we gonna do about) let me know if this is real love (real love) let me know if i've found the one.

Think Is Time You Made Up Your Mind.

What what what what what. Today’s gonna be a good day. (i keep thinking about you baby) so tell me what you're gonna do (i keep thinking about you) all i wanna do is (like a river of wine, intoxicate my mind i'm thinking about you) that's what i wanna do (pick me up, let's go down i'm thinking about it too) (i'm thinking about you) you got me thinking about you (i'm thinking about it too) it might be pouring rain

One Touch, Need Your Love.

Discover short videos related to thinking about us and what we gonna be on tiktok. I have started barrels with duke, it just came naturally to him!i have already ran them!anyways, our first fun show this sunday!and a three hour trail ride o. 'cause i've already made up mine.

Me And My Baby, We Up In The Club.

What we gonna do about us lyrics. Opened my eyes, yeah it was only just a dream so i travel back, down that road will she come. But i guess i was wrong for thinking we’re that.

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