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Translate Vamos. Siempre en silencio protegiéndose entre ustedes, ¡vamos! It's right here, come on!

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Well, there are many ways to translate this, starting by the most common «vamos» meaning “let’s go” but «vamos» is used as a simple present in situations like: Let's go there, we'll be more comfortable. Karina y yo vamos al cine karina and i are going to the movies ¡vamos.

(Si Nos Centramos En El Asunto) If We Get To The Point Expr Expression :

En hortative of go +1 definitions. (used to express a specific action in the present; This is known as the informal future.

Expand_More (Laughter) Okay, So Let's Talk A Little Bit About Ultrasound, The.

Come on, let's go to the tree. See 4 authoritative translations of vamos in english with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. You wanted to learn, come on!

Expresiones Idiomáticas, Dichos, Refranes Y Frases Hechas De Tres O Más Palabras (Dios Nos Libre, A Lo Hecho, Pecho).

Finally, ‘vamos’ could also be used to build sentences in the future tense. Museet, kom nu, museet!, men fbi?, på museet, kom så, el, museet, ja. Possible languages include english, dutch, german, french, spanish, and swedish.

Go On, Say Something To Him, Don't Be Shy.

Elskede, elskede!, min skat, kom, skat, (min skat), giv den gas. Karina y yo vamos al cine karina and i are going to the movies ¡vamos. (para ponerse en marcha) let’s go!

Mas Vamos Lutar E Vamos Vencer.

Depending on the context, ‘vamos’ could also be used as an expression to ‘cheer on’ someone. Las visitas van a llegar el 18 y a partir el 20. «vamos a la playa», in english “let’s go to the beach” there’s also the.

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