Upside Down Stratocaster

Upside Down Stratocaster. But beck temporarily turned down fender's proposal and the stratocaster came eventualy out as the strat plus. Jimi hendrix had a hard.

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Even that gets a lot of what do you think you're as good as jimi comments. Jimi hendrix had a hard. About jeff beck's main stratocaster his guitar tech stevie prior reveals:

Manufacturer's Description Turn It Upside Down With A Player Series Neck With A Reverse Headstock.

What difference does it make having you pickups upside down.let find out shall we. 3 lowest strings are longer because of the reverse headstock, and 3 highest strings shorter. Because this reverses the angle of the bridge pickup, dale.

Tremolo Arm And Volume And Tone Knobs Are Closer And Easier To Reach.

Even that gets a lot of what do you think you're as good as jimi comments. This will make fretting open chords and notes lower down on the fretboard harder to get to and notes higher. Am not sure if its really that big of an advantage though.

About Jeff Beck's Main Stratocaster His Guitar Tech Stevie Prior Reveals:

He was also used to it from the army where mwr ( or whatever the army calls it, i was air force) only had right handed guitars around to play. There’s something about the whammy bar on top and the tuners on the bottom. A quick glimpse at hendrix’s stratocaster reveals that the top horn was shorter than the lower one.

Black Neck From ’93, And John Suhr Pickups.

The longer length on the bigger strings seem to add punch to the tone. On a normally worn strat the upper horn, which is the longer one, will have the strap attached to it. That changed the string tension and microphone.

Also Comes With Whammy Bar.

The body shape was unquestionably. However, i do routinely go onstage with a reverse headstock strat neck, because i like how the low strings feel with the added length under tension. A and d strings will also sound snappier than on for instance a les paul.

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