What Is Burden Of Ct

What Is Burden Of Ct. The burden in a ct metering electrical network is largely resistive impedance presented to its secondary winding. It produces a current in its secondary which is proportional to the current in its primary.

Method of microCT measurement of total tumor burden in lung GEMMs from

The external load applied to the secondary of a current transformer is called the “burden”. It can be calculated as below: If this limit is exceeded, ct accuracy is not guaranteed.

In Simple Words, It Is The Load Connected To Ct Secondary.

Common burden ratings of ct: The ct secondary current is equal to. Let us consider, i (p) = primary current in amps.

Ct Burden = Secondary Va= (Secondary Voltage × Secondary Current).

Like all transformers, a current transformer can only transform a finite amount of energy. Ct burden means secondary volt ampere (va) i.e. Ct burden is the total resistance of the secondary load of a current transformer or, in other words, the maximum load that can be applied to a ct’s secondary.

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Typical burden ratings for iec cts are 1.5 va, 3 va, 5 va, 10 va, 15 va, 20 va, 30 va, 45 va & 60 va. Ct burden is commonly expressed in one of two ways: How is it specified (ii) calculate va output required from a ct of 5a rated secondary current when the burden consists of relay requiring 10 va at 5 a plus loop load resistance of 0.9 ohms.

I (S) = Secondary Current In Amps.

The external load applied to the secondary of a current transformer is called the “burden”. Product of secondary voltage and secondary current. Increase in ammeter coil resistance) will cause increase in secondary burden.

Since Any Ct Secondary Terminal Must Be Connected With The Burden Resistor At All Times Irrespective Of The Primary Current Flows.

N = turns ratio in numbers. It can be calculated as below: Here, the second figure shows the burden resistance.

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