What Is Khasra Number

What Is Khasra Number. In urban areas, land parcels are allotted plot numbers or survey numbers, the equivalent of rural areas’ khasra number Hence, it is imperative to know that this number alters.

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It also includes the information of types of crops or soil produced on the. Khata number, also termed as khewat number, is assigned to landowners who share the ownership of a land. The work of this number is the same in both the.

Khasra Is A Persian Term And Has Been In Use Since A Long Period.

It is a list of folds field register or harvest inspection register. Popularly known as the khewat number, the khata number is assigned to the joint owners who collectively own a piece of land. Khasra number is a number that is assigned to every plot of land available in a specific rural borderline.

In This Video, We Have Explained:what Are Khata, Khatauni, Khasra And Khewat Number?What Is The Difference Between Khata, Khatauni, Khewat And Khasra Number?.

Khata, kharsa and khatuni number. If the land is again divided into two parts, the khasra number is written as 1/1/1 and 1/1/2 and so on. Whether you are buying or going to sell land, you will have to come across the khasra number.

Khasra Number Is Simply The Plot Number Assigned To Land In Rural Areas.

A khatauni is an abstract based on the khasras of a village that lists out all the holdings of an individual or. Having a khasra number has now become an absolute necessity as it provides various information at just the touch. The khasra number is nothing but a plot number given to a specific piece of land in the village.

If It Is Not Unique Contact Your Nearest Land Record Office Or Nic To Correct It.

The map of the village is taken and every available plot is given a specific number, this number is called the khasra number. Khasra is a piece of land with specific measurements and a specific number. A persian term, khasra number is a plot or survey number given to a particular piece of land in villages and is useful for checking land records.

Number Khasra Is The Number Of Land Holding, Which Remain Same In All The Jamabandi (जमाबंदी).

The khata number outlines the details of owners and their landholdings. If it is divided in parts it is written as khasra number 1/1, ½ when khasra number is divided in two parts. Khata number, also termed as khewat number, is assigned to landowners who share the ownership of a land.

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