When Can I Wear Tight Clothes After Tattoo

When Can I Wear Tight Clothes After Tattoo. This can be damaging to your latest work of art in many ways. The same goes for leggings and skinny jeans.

Those Jeans Hold ‘Em Pretty Tight! (49 pics) from

For both, ladies and gentlemen, avoid wearing jeans and pants (with tight waistband), for tattoos placed on hips, gluteus area, thighs, intimate area, lower abdomen, lower or middle back. On top of that, you should avoid intense workouts during the first couple of weeks after getting a tattoo. A woman will need to wear a bra that may rub on the tattoo.

I Found That Jeans Were Just Just Slightly Too Loose (But Also Too Tight If You Get Me) So The Material Used To Rub Against My Thigh When I Walked.

Try and maintain this until your tattoo heals entirely, which could take around four to six weeks. This can be damaging to your latest work of art in many ways. I've used this for my last three tattoos with aquaphor as the salve (all covered by normal clothing) and they have healed amazingly.

Place The Saran Wrap Over The Tattoo.

I wore leggings when i had a tattoo on my thigh after wearing loose sweat pants for the first couple of days. It’s important to let your tattoo breathe. Just shower up when you are done with your workout.

Should You Cover Tattoo At Night?

The same goes for leggings and skinny jeans. No clothing that could potentially rub on the tattoo (dress shirts) this is just to name a few so you get the picture. If you plan on engaging in any physical activity that will cause you to sweat or your skin to get moist.

No, You Shouldn’t Wear Tight Clothes Over A New Tattoo.

Still don't wear tight clothing, however. Always wear clothing over the area when going outside for the first week or so after getting tattooed, and be diligent about. We are talking about skin, after all.

It Protects It From Sticking To Your Clothing, As Well.

Tight clothes and shoes can be detrimental to that. Don't use saran wrap and tattoo ointment. The inked area is already sore and irritated, and getting burned there can be hugely painful and cause lasting damage.

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