Why Did Ramsay Torture Theon

Why Did Ramsay Torture Theon. Ramsay agreed, in a sense. He doesn't just inflict physical pain, he wants to.

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He thinks it's fun to watch people suffer. Ramsay's torture of theon got so unbearable that theon begged to be killed. Ramsay agreed, in a sense.

Ramsay Snow Deceives Theon, Claiming He Is A Servant And Approaches Him And Claims He's Been Sent By Yara To Rescue Him, Before Leaving Theon, Placing The Cloth Bag Over His Head For The Night.

Ramsay's torture of theon got so unbearable that theon begged to be killed. It's really his primary focus at every possible turn. And he's exceptionally skilled as a torturer.

Ramsay Agreed, In A Sense.

When ramsay's men hunt theon down, ramsay kills them all, continuing to pretend he is the hero. By keeping theon alive, he has a hostage from the greyjoy family, who are always a threat for the 'warden of north'. Theon was partially flayed, had fingers, toes and teeth removed, wasn't allowed to bathe, was castrated or had his penis flayed and was used as a servant by ramsay.

The Rest Was Just For Personal Pleasure.

This answer is not useful. Show activity on this post. Most notably, ramsay intentionally allowed theon and a woman named kyra to escape, only so he could hunt them down and drag them back to the castle.

I Believe The Worst Of The Torture Is The Psychological Torture.

The look on theon's face when all his hope was taken away was extremely satisfying for ramsay. Another instance is using rickon stark as bait to trap. Part of his torture of theon includes making him think he is an ally and freeing him from captivity.

Theon Was The Highborn Son Of A Prominent Enemy Nobleman, And Ramsay Was The Despised Bastard Of A Different One.

Theon is left on the torture cross by ramsay. Ramsay agreed, in a sense, deciding to kill theon greyjoy in name. So yeah, he tortured theon because he could and to turn him into his new reek, also clearly to parade him around and say see how powerful me and my daddy are, we can torture the only son of a lord paramount and keep him as a pet.

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