Why Does My Spotify Shuffle Play The Same Songs

Why Does My Spotify Shuffle Play The Same Songs. Shuffle means a random combination of songs in a playlist, but it doesn't quite feel random. No matter what song i choose, it will play the same fucking songs i've heard a million times over.

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However, spotify shuffle may play the same songs over and over, making it hard to listen to new and interesting music. The reason i don't believe this is because i have playlists with 500+ songs. I pause a song, put the device away, and press play a few hours or days later.

The Main Reason I Use Spotify Is To Discover New Music.

Songs keep repeating when i shuffle a playlist. So, what should you do if the spotify shuffle is not random? Great for long playlists, switching up your listening, or when you just don’t feel like following orders.

They State That Once A Song Plays, The Odds That It'll Play Again Are The Same As They Were The First Time.

Spotify users said they were frustrated because even though they had a large music collection, the broken shuffle feature was preventing them from listening to it all. When you turn on shuffle the first time, the songs will keep playing in the same order, over and over, unless you choose to reshuffle them. Open the spotify app, and go to the 'now playing' bar at the bottom.

I’ve Already Restarted, Logged Out, Deleted The App, Etc Source

I pause a song, put the device away, and press play a few hours or days later. A specific genre or album can often play based on. You can fix it if you turn off gapless playback, but i don’t want to lol, so idk what to do.

The Device Remembers What I've Already Played So I Don't Hear The Same Song Twice Until I Get Through All, Say, 250 Songs On.

To shuffle on the mobile spotify application: Open the spotify mobile app. Now i don’t really have this problem when i’m listening to spotify playlists, or at least i don’t notice it, but it is extremely noticeable when i listen to my library.

Too Many People Who Don't Understand Random Outcomes Complained About The Old Algorithm So They Changed It To This Shitty One.

Spotify algorithm designs so to deliver according to the usage and track record of the consumer. The shuffle algorithm is written to play songs spotify thinks you want to hear, rather than being a true shuffle. Click the 'shuffle' icon to turn off shuffle play.

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