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Yours In French Language. It depends if the noun following it is feminine or masculine. Le vôtre cette liste ne serait bien évidemment pas.

Talking About Yourself In French French Words and Expressions You Need from

So if you wanted to say something romantic like “good morning, my love” in french, you’d say “ bonjour mon amour. Yʊərz, yɔrz, yoʊrz yours would you like to know how to translate yours to french? The museum is all yours.

How To Say It's Yours In French.

We will start with the possessive adjectives of french, which agree with the noun that follows them (in gender and number). Yours (tu form) le tien: Nous vous prions d'agréer, monsieur le général, l'expression de nos salutations distinguées.

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→ that isn't the right coat. Partout, c 'est à vous de cho isir. This means “my dear” or “my darling”, and is a more general term than mon amour.

→ I'll Take My Coat Upstairs.

It depends if the noun following it is feminine or masculine. Dit ces trois mots, et je suis à toi. Translation spell check synonyms conjugation.

Yʊərz, Yɔrz, Yoʊrz Yours Would You Like To Know How To Translate Yours To French?

Say je vous en prie in polite or serious situations. Mingle in the lobby, enjoy the multimedia show, take a guided tour through. Now that you understand the difference of logic between french and english, let’s see how to translate “you” in french.

More French Words For Yours.

Ce parapluie, c'est le mien ou le tien ? Latitude de s'exprimer autant qu'il le souhaite. [ˈjɔːʳz , ˈjʊəʳz ] pronoun.

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